Class & Payment Policies

​​​Scarlet Knights Gymnastics Academy


  • Payment Methods: Visa, Discover, or Mastercard can be accepted for card payments. You may also pay via check or cash (if you would like this option, please contact us via email IMMEDIATELY after registration for further instructions to avoid processing payment on card).
  • Payment Submission: Registration will be reviewed, and payment will be processed by our office via the card on file by our next business day. If you need us to process payment on another day, please contact us immediately after registration. Please note: a payment must be submitted by the first class to participate (unless doing a trial class - please contact us FIRST before registering)
  • ​Required Card on File: All families will be required to put a card on file, regardless of desired method of payment. In the event that a payment is not submitted/initiated on or by the due date (first class for recreational students, 15th of each month for team/pre-team participants) the card on file will be charged.
  • Payment Due: Full Payment for the full session of class(es) must be submitted by the child(ren)'s first class, or the card on file will be charged. 
  • Registration Fees: Registration fees are charged every year. Each "new year" starts in September and ends in August. All clients (new and previous) are charged the full annual fee in the Fall. The fee is then prorated for those who register for later sessions in that year. Registration fees are non-refundable, and non-creditable, and cannot all, or in part, be used for future years regardless of closings, class offerings, or schedules.
  • Payment Plans: If you cannot pay the entire balance up front, please contact us (see below).
  • Late Payments:  If a payment is not received by the due date (child's first class), the card on file will be charged, with an additional $10.00 late fee added. Any late payments will be subject to a $10.00 fee per week late. If tuition is unpaid by the second week of class, child(ren) will be dropped from the class(es) and unable to attend until amount is paid in full (including late fees).
  • Late Registrations & Pro-Rating: Registration can occur at any time during the session (other than last two weeks), as long as there are open spots in your desired class. We prorate our tuition for weeks LEFT in our sessions (we don’t pro rate future missed dates). Proration will automatically be applied when registering (in the cart in the parent portal). You will be charged for all remaining classes in the session from the date of registration (there will be no pro rating for any  missed classes past registration date, including future dates).
  • Returned Checks: If any checks are returned from the bank, a $15.00 fee will be added to the balance for the returned check fee.
  • Declined Cards: If a card payment is declined, there will be a $10.00 processing fee added to your balance. Please make sure your card on file is up to date!!
  • Outstanding Balances: Any client who has unpaid fees will not be able to enroll in future sessions, (or attend classes) until paid.
  • Refund Policy: There are no refunds (or credits) given for any registration, tuition fees, or any other fees of any services at SKGA (this includes classes, parties, privates, clinics, etc.), regardless of attendance. If the absence occurs due to a serious injury, credits or extra make-ups can be issued once the doctor’s note is received. The amount of the credit or make ups days will be based on the dates that are listed on the doctor’s note.  Any payment issues or credits are given on a case-by-case basis, determined by the director. Registration fees are also NON-REFUNDABLE and are not eligible for any credit. Any past missed classes are also not eligible for credits.
  • If any refund is issued in a rare circumstance (such as an injury with a doctor's note), any payment returned would be $15.00 less the amount per child enrolled, due to monies spent.
  • Any refunds, credits, or make-ups issued will be at the discretion of the owner or director. 


  • Full Session Commitment: By enrolling for a class, are committed to the class(es) for the entire registered session (or from registration date to end of session) and all payments that are due for that session from registration date. 
  • ​All classes are first come, first served. A child’s spot will not be saved unless we have received a completed registration form, and a payment.
  • Full Classes & Waitlist: If you are interested in a class that is currently full, you may add your child to the wait list. Should any spaces open at a later date, we will contact you.
  • Class Minimum & Low Enrollments: A minimum of three children must be enrolled in each class, or the class maybe cancelled or combined with another. If the class is cancelled, your child will have to move to another day and/or time.  You will be contacted if this should occur.  SKGA reserves the right to cancel or combine classes due to low enrollment. ALL CLASSES will be held the first week of every session, regardless of enrollment.
  • For Missed Class & Make-Up Policies, click here.
  • TRIAL CLASSES:Our trial class is a non-obligation trial. You may try one class. Should you not want to continue after trial, no payment is owed. If you want to further enroll in the class, payment for all remaining classes and trial lesson will be due (along with registration fee) in order to continue. Please contact us in order to schedule a trial, to prevent from being charged before your class begins.


  • Payment Plans: If you cannot pay the entire session upfront, please contact us for alternate payment options before your child registers or begins class. We will work with you. All payment plans are done on a case by case basis.
  • Agreement: Payments must be accompanied with a signed payment plan agreement that we will send you in order to participate.
  • Session Commitment: If you have a payment plan, you are still committed to the class(es) for the entire registered session and all payments that are due for that session. Payment will still be charged regardless of attendance.
  • Late Payments: All payments must be received by designated due dates. If a payment is not received by its due date, the card on file will automatically be charged, with an additional $10.00 late fee per week late added to the balance.
  • Any client with frequent late payments will loose payment plan privileges. Any client who has unpaid fees will not be able to enroll in future sessions until paid.


  • If there is inclement weather or other closings, you can find out about class cancellations by:
  • 1. Checking our Social Media: Facebook - or Instagram @skgymacademy
  • 2. Checking your email we have on file for cancellations. Please add to your address book (check your spam folder as well, just in case!).​
  • All Weekday class cancellations will be announced by 3:30pm and all Saturday class cancellations will be announced by 8:30am (the latest - they may be announced earlier). If there are no notifications after these times, classes are still on!
  • Any cancellations due to weather, facilities, or health issues will result in an added make-up (either a full day, or individually scheduled) or replaced with a virtual class.