By enrolling in our sessions, our families agree to review and follow all rules and policies stated below, and those emailed to them. In addition, by registering, they also confirm that they have been following all recommended guidelines (mask wearing, social distancing, washing hands, etc) not only in our facility, but in their daily lives.

  • Due to coronavirus concerns, Rutgers has shut down campus from any outside groups for the fall. Due to this, our classes will take place at the YMCA at the Piscataway Community Center (520 Hoes Lane, Piscataway). Entry for just the gymnastics program is FREE. We ask while in the YMCA, please do not utilize any space other than the rooms designated for gymnastics. Usage of any other space will require a YMCA membership.

  • Class Numbers have been reduced according to capacity and social distancing guidelines. Please note that each classes maximum occupancy will be determined by the number of other classes/students present at the same time, and may vary. Based on this, some classes will also have make-up spots, while others may not.

  • Each child must bring:
    • Backpack or Bag to place all their belongings (including shoes and coats)
    • Secure Face Mask (full fabric or disposable only. Those with valves are NOT PERMITTED)
    • Water bottle (Water Bottle Filling Stations will be available across from each room, Fountains will be closed).
    • Plastic Container/glad ware (to be used as their own "chalk bucket" for Bars)
    • Extra Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol)
    • Note: Please put their name on all of their items
    • Belongings will be placed in each child's own area, as marked by a chair or basket. Staff will assign each child their own space.

  • Class start times have been staggered when possible to prevent crowding during arrival and departure.

  • Child's entry into the facility will not be granted more than 5 minutes prior or after the start time to your child's class.

  • Drop off - Parents of gymnasts first grade and up must drop off their children at the front door, in order to minimize people in the facility. After their health screening, one of our staff members will meet them in the lobby when they enter. Their instructor will then escort them to class, and outside after class. Any parent wishing to enter the YMCA for class must have prior written approval from the Director, pending on capacity limits of the facility and each room (only one Adult per family will be permitted in this case), and health screening. Please note: Parent may be denied entry if rooms allotted for gymnastics, or the building, is at capacity.
  • Students Kindergarten and younger may have one adult stay with them, if needed (already factored into numbers).

  • Questionnaires Before Entry- Every customer and staff member must complete a questionnaire before class and answer "no" to all of the questions in order for child to be permitted to participate. We ask that if any of the questions would be answered "yes" that you do not bring your child to class. You will also be asked questions during the temperature check by YMCA staff.

  • Temperature Checks Before Entry - All those entering the facility (both participants and staff) must have a temperature less than 100.4 in order to be permitted in the building.

  • All participants and families must notify the Director if they have tested positive for Covid-19, or have been exposed to someone who has. If a child or family member is quarantined due to possible exposure, please do not come to class. Make-ups or virtual classes can be arranged for any missed classes. Children may return to the program after their 14 days of quarantine, with negative test results. We will arrange make-ups for any days missed (may be virtual, or in person, depending on numbers)

  • MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES, while in the building - arrival, departure, and even during class. Children will be given mask and water breaks while distanced in between events. Staff and parents will also wear masks at all times. Please make sure the mask is secure, so they do not move while children are attempting skills. We recommend purchasing toggles, cord locks, or adjusters to tighten/secure the masle in place

  • A distance of 6 feet must be maintained at all times between those who are not members of your household/family.

  • All staff, gymnasts, and families are required to follow best practices associated with Covid-19 including the following: staying home when unwell, frequently washing hands/sanitizing, self quarantining according to state guidelines when traveling or possibly exposed. In addition, they must notify the Director when there is a possible positive, or exposure to a possible positive case.

  • Students will be asked to sanitize both their hands and feet before/after class, and in between rotations Staff will also sanitize/wash their hands often between classes and events​.

  • Mats/equipment will be cleaned between classes and students as often as possible with an EPA approved cleaners.

  • Any shared equipment or non-washable apparatuses (bars/beam) will be sprayed with sanitizer between classes and between student usages. Sharing will be minimized if/when possible.

  • There will be a sanitation station at each event for students to clean their hands between stations, if needed.

  • Coaches will try to minimize the amount of spotting if possible, but may need to help child if needed for safety reasons.

  • Parents & Children are encouraged to use the bathroom prior to arriving at the facility, to minimize need and capacity for bathrooms during class. Please make sure your child is already dressed in their practice attire prior to entering the facility

  • Should classes or the facility be shut down for any reason, classes will be held virtually at the same day/time as their normal class. No refunds will be given.

  • Any refusal to follow these guidelines and procedures will result in loss of enrollment in classes/practices without refund.

Please do not bring your child to class if they, or a member of their household, is sick or diagnosed with any illnesses! 

We will work together to figure out a way for them to make-up the classes, whether it be virtually, or later in the session when they are healthy/have quarantined for 14 days.

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

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