​​What are Drop-In Classses?

Drop-In Classes are single day classes that you can sign up for individually, to fit your schedule on a daily/weekly basis. Is your child available on Tuesday one week, but on Thursday the next week? This would be the perfect fit!

Sign-Up and pay per class, for as many as you want!

What will my child learn in virtual classes?

Your child will learn  tumbling and gymnastics drills and skills for all events, with live feedback from our qualified instructors!  This will allow us to teach them how they can practice safely, and gain more flexibility & strength while in their own home. All they would need is a cushioned space (such as a carpet, yoga, towel, or gymnastics mat), and household items, no apparatuses required!  Each gymnastics  lesson will include flexibility, strength/conditioning, and event specific drills. 

For detailed directions on how to register, please visit our Enrollment & Payment page


  • $8.00 per child for new students, or those who did not enroll since Fall 2020*
  • Will  be added to tuition below after enrollment
  • A New Registration Fee will be due for all customers the Fall 2020 Session, since that is the start of our new school year.
  • *If student registers for future in-person classes this year, an additional registration fee will be incurred.


Class TypeLength/classPer Class Price
Pre-School & Kindergym, Specialty Classes (Flexibility & Strength)~30 min


Beginner, Tumbling~40 min
Intermediate & Advanced*~1 hour$13.00


  • Due to already reduced rates for the Virtual Sessions, Rutgers & Sibling Discounts will not apply.

Select Class Below by clicking "Register"

  • New Customers: please complete the registration form.
  • ​Returning Customers: Log in to Parent Portal to update information and select class(es)
  • *INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED CLASSES: Evaluation/Recommendation is REQUIRED. Please contact us for an evaluation if you are a new client. If your child has taken classes with us, you will receive an email when your child is ready to move to the next level according to our evaluations.


  • Registrations will be reviewed, and card payments & credits will be processed on our within 24-48 hours of registration. 
  • If you need payment to be processed on a different day, please contact us via scarletknightsgymnastics@gmail.com. Please note: a payment must be submitted by class in order to participate.
  • Due to limitations with the Coronavirus, only card payments will be accepted at this time (No check or cash).


  • Please note that no trial classes will be offered, due to a limited class schedule
  • Once enrolled, refunds, credits, and make-ups cannot be offered. Please make sure your child is able to attend before registering!
  • Any further details in regards to accessing classes, attire, materials and more, will be sent out to those registered before the class begins.

​Please review all of our 
RULES & POLICIES Before Registering.


More classes may be added at a later date if there is demand and/or many full classes

Please Note: This web-page is currently not compatible on mobile devices. To view the class registration table from your mobile device, please click here. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you!

Please Note: This schedule is currently not compatible on mobile devices. To view the class registration table from your mobile device, please click here


Classes may be added, cancelled, combined, or split at a later date based on registration. All Classes will be held the first week, regardless of enrollment.

Future session schedules will be released at a later date.

Class schedules may change from session to session. SKGA has the right to cancel or combine classes due to low enrollment. If your class is cancelled, you will be contacted and asked to switch to another day and/or time.

Virtual Drop-In Classes

**"Class Start" is the date class is offered**

Virtual Drop-In Classes

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