​​​Scarlet Knights Gymnastics Academy

Drop Off/Pick Up/Bathroom Breaks: 
Please have your children arrive at the gym on time and ready to participate in time for the warm-up. The warm-up is important so your child can stretch properly, lowering the risk of injury. Please walk your children in and out of the building when arriving or departing. Drop off and pick up outside the venue is not permitted. If your children are leaving early, or are being picked up by anyone other than a parent/guardian, please alert the instructor or class director before class starts.

  • If your child is 5 or under, it is recommended that you stay in the building during class. Our staff is not permitted to be alone in the bathrooms with the students that need help, or change any diapers for those who are not potty trained.
  • If your child needs a potty break, please accompany them in the bathroom if you are present! Many kids, college students, and parents use the restrooms. We do not want our students to go alone! If parent is not present, children will be asked to take a buddy with them, or use the staff bathroom (limited use).
  • Please have your children wait quietly in the seating area for their instructor to start class. Adults and children are not permitted on the equipment or in the equipment area before or after class. During class, all siblings & adults (unless participating in Parent & Tot class) must also remain in the seating area. If a parent is needed on the floor to console a child, or during an emergency, they will be instructed to enter by a staff member.​
  • ​We are only responsible for your child during the time of their class. Please drop and pick them up promptly. We are not responsible for supervision before or after their class. 

Proper attire is required—either a leotard or well-fitting shorts and a shirt. Jeans or skirts are not allowed. If the shorts or pants have drawstrings, make sure they are properly tied and secured well. Loose strings can get wrapped around the bars. All hair must be pulled back out of the face, all jewelry off (stud earrings are okay), no gum or food.  Your child(ren) should be able to go sideways or upside down without any visual obstruction or clothing falling over head. Children will not be allowed to participate with hair down! Bare feet for all. Socks get lost in the pit.  We will not save socks for the lost and found.

Food & Drinks: 
It is recommended that your child bring a water bottle for breaks. We also have a water fountain in the hall for your convenience. Water bottles are the only drink allowed in the gym, and must be kept in the seating area. Food and other drinks will not be permitted in the facility.  Anyone wishing to snack at this time must go into the building lobby.

Lost and Found:  
We are not responsible for items left in the gym.  We do our best to place lost items in our lost and found box.  DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO CLASS.

Conduct of students, siblings, and parents:
All gymnasts, family members, and spectators are asked to treat our staff, other gymnasts and other family members/spectators with respect. ANY yelling, name-calling, rudeness or belittling comments, refusal to cooperate, or disruptions to classes (or those trying to watch classes) will NOT be tolerated, and individual(s) may be asked to leave at any staff member's discretion. In any case, refunds and make-ups will not be given, and gymnast family may be permanently banned at anytime for these behaviors.

If you have an issue, please contact our director, or speak to a manager. We will work together to solve any issues you may have!

General Policies