​​​Scarlet Knights Gymnastics Academy

​​​Please review all of our RULES & POLICIES Before Registering.

1. Go to the Session Information page and c
lick “Register” next to class you desire. Our Online Registration form will pop up.
2. When form appears, please complete Information, Select Classes for each student, and agree to waivers. Select ‘Add Student’ for any additional children.

3. Payment does NOT submit automatically at this time. Please see details below for Payment Submission!

1. Log in to our
 Parent Portal with your password and email/username on file.  (Click here for Portal Tour Video).

2. Go to Menu, and click on “My Account” to review and update your information, and agree to all waivers.

Please note: All customers must have a card on file to register, regardless of desired payment method. If you need to change the card on file, please use directions below:

  • Log onto Parent Portal
  • Select "Billing & Payments" in the Menu
  • Click "Saved Payment Methods"
  • Click the Green " +" button to add a payment method
  • Click Edit to Delete or update any existing card information.
  • Complete Information & Save

3. Go to “Classes” on the menu, and click ‘Find Classes’ to Register for each class. Use filters if necessary to find desired class(es). Make sure you look carefully at the class day and time!

4. Select your desired class and click “Add to Cart”.  Select Student(s) you want to enroll in this class, and agree to policies. After reviewing details, click on ‘Add’. You will receive a confirmation email with the classes you have chosen.

5. If you have other children, please go back to the Dashboard, and click "Find classes". Repeat enrollment for other child(ren).

6. When you have finished selecting classes for your children, please select the cart/checkout, and select "Accept Enrollment Fees & Continue" to finalize Class Enrollments.

7. . Payment does NOT submit automatically at this time. Please see details below for Payment Submission!


  • Classes are grouped according to age first, ability/skills second.
  • Any Intermediate, or Advanced class requires a recommendation from us in order to register, as well as moving out of each classes age bracket.
  • New clients who have taken gymnastics elsewhere and believe their children belong in an intermediate or advanced class must contact us for an evaluation prior to registration.
  • If you accidentally place your child in a class they were not recommended for, you will be emailed and your child will be switched to their proper age group/level.
  • All Children in are program are evaluated each session. If your child has been recommended for another class YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL from us when they are ready to move up.
  • If your child has not received a class recommendation email, please sign them up for the same class for the next session (unless they have aged out)
  • Our Pre-Team and Team programs are by invitation only, and you must be recommended by a team/pre-team coach to try out. An evaluation must be scheduled first before being invited to try out. Most students will be put on pre-team prior to our team, unless they have prior competition experience.


  • Registrations will be reviewed, and card payments will be processed with 24-48 hours.
  • If you need payment to be processed on a different day, please contact us via scarletknightsgymnastics@gmail.com. 
  • Payments can be made via card (Visa, Discover, or Mastercard only), cash, or check.
  • ​If you wish to pay via check or cash, please email us immediately after registration for further instructions via scarletknightsgymnastics@gmail.com
  • Please note: a payment must be submitted by first class (unless doing a trial) in order to participate.
  • All families must have a card on file in order to enroll in classes, regardless of desired payment method.
  • If you are in need of a special payment plans, please contact us BEFORE registering your child(ren).

Registration Notes:

  • Please note our classes are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Your child’s spot in a class will only be reserved if both a completed registration form and a payment is received.
  • If your child has been recommended for a class of an older age group, the system may not let you register. Please contact us and we can override the age restriction on our end.
  • If you need to change the day and/or time for a registered class, PLEASE CONTACT US. We MUST make the change on our end!
  • A minimum of three children must be enrolled in each class, or the class may be cancelled or combined with another, and your child may have to move to another day and/or time.  You will be contacted if we need to switch your class day and/or time.  We will run all classes the first week of each session, should we get any walk-ins. If you do not find a class that suits your schedule, contact the office to learn how to create a class or a private lesson.  Please feel free to invite friends and family to enroll!
  • Not sure if you want to enroll your child? Ask about a trial class (new customers only)!​​
  • Should the facility or classes need to shut down due to coronavirus concerns, the session will automatically convert to virtual classes. No refunds will be given.

How To Enroll & Make a Payment