​​​Scarlet Knights Gymnastics Academy


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Our USAIGC team girls train between 2-5 days per week. 
Entry into our team and pre-team program is by invitation and/or evaluation only. Please
contact us for inquiries. 

More Information about the USAIGC League:

"USAIGC (United Stated Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs): An "International Competitive Program built upon the NCAA Collegiate Rules that provide Gymnasts and Coaches with a large variety of progressive optional gymnastics skills to master instead of restrictive mandatory compulsory skill." This league has multiple skill levels that best fit each child, and encourage proper skill development at a steady pace." This program is also a part of a larger body of IAIGC (International Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs) that allow the gymnasts to qualify to a World competition, and compete against gymnasts from other countries! For more information on the league itself, you can go to USAIGC.com 

Scarlettes and SKGA are privately owned gymnastics programs and are not a part of Rutgers University.​